4 March 2021

A note from the chair of the Sedos management committee about our plans for the rest of 2021…

Dear Sedos members and friends,

Well, the sun has started to shine and, as well as green shoots in the garden, we're beginning to see a glimmer of hope that the current restrictions may start to be lifted over the coming months under the Government's recently published roadmap. And given that the Government has one, we thought that Sedos ought to as well! 

Our hope is that we can start in-person (non-socially distanced) activities from the end of June. Assuming so, this would allow us to start preparing for and rehearsing an autumn season. 

Our first priority has always been to reschedule the two shows (Opelia Thinks Harder and Working) that were cruelly stopped mid-flight. We have started to work with the production teams, casts and indeed the Bridewell to pencil in potential dates in the autumn. These will be announced in due course when we have greater certainty. 

We have decided to postpone the other 2021 titles that didn't go ahead into 2022 and are working with the teams and rights holders to reschedule. That will still leave a couple of free slots in 2022, so in due course (and when we have certainty) we will run a pitch process to look for shows to fill those slots.

It is likely that we will have a two-week slot at the end of November available. We are therefore interested in any suggestions about what might be a good show to get everyone back together – something "big", "uplifting" and "fun" seems to be what we all need!

We'd love to hear from potential directors with suggested titles. This is likely to be a more informal process than usual given the uncertainties and the committee may pull the show together ourselves, but we want to see what suggestions there are and who comes forward so please do get in touch on committee@sedos.co.uk - we're keen to hear from those interested in other roles such as choreographers and musical directors as well as directors.

Another possibility is that we might pull forward a one-week musical from next year and combine with a comedy, fun, big-cast play, so if you have suggestions for that as an alternative, then please do get in touch as well.

Finally, we have started to think about other in-person activities prior to the autumn season. We have lots of thoughts and will be reaching out for more in due course, again once we've got more certainty. 

In the meantime I hope that everyone is looking forward to the final of Masked Sedos Singer (T-Rex was robbed, Ed) and our next online play The Lights O' London.

Stay safe

Matt Gould
Chairman of the management committee

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