Some of the attendees of the 2022 Sedos AGM, held in the Passmore Edwards room at the St Bride Foundation

10 June 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the Sedos Annual General Meeting last night, our first in-person since 2019! It was wonderful to see so many passionate people interested in the future of the Society and to have the opportunity to reflect on all the great things that have been achieved in 2021, since we re-started in-person performances – a challenging experience, heightened by us losing our long time rehearsal, storage and build space at Brewer’s Hall Gardens.

During the AGM we heard about the impact this has had on rehearsing and putting on shows, and the new financial pressures which we have been incredibly lucky to avoid in the past few years.

We also learned about the strategic priorities for Trustees in the year ahead: spaces, values, diversity and inclusion and financial stability.

After four years as Chair of the Board of Trustees Chair (and many years before that on the Management Committee, including a stint as Chair), we learnt that Dawn Harrison-Wallace was stepping down, although Dawn will continue to be heavily involved in the Society. Dawn has been an unwavering advocate for Sedos and her knowledge and commitment will be sorely missed.

We voted in Nick Dore and Graham White as new Sedos Trustees and confirmed the appointment of Paul Caira, Jacob Hajjar, Adrian Hau and Tess Robinson as new members of the Management Committee.

We are delighted to announce the new line-up for the year ahead, with the new Chair to be appointed at the first Trustees meeting:

Board of Trustees:

Alex Baker (re-elected)
Ella Benson-Roberts
Jack Brown
Jessie Davidson
Nick Dore (new)
Matt Gould (Chair of Management Committee)
Sara Rajeswaran
Daniel Saunders (re-elected)
Robert J Stanex
Graham White (new)

Management Committee:

Stephen Beeny
Karen Braganza
Paul Caira
Adam Coppard
Matt Gould (Chair)
Tim Garrad (re-appointed)
Adrian Hau
Jacob Hajjar
Olly Levett
Tess Robinson
Mark Sidall (re-appointed)
Kish Soni
Henry Whittaker

Trustees and members of the Management Committee have staggered terms so everyone does not finish their term simultaneously, hence why some of those listed above are neither re-elected nor new - their terms did not expire at this AGM.

Many thanks to those who stepped down from the Board of Trustees (Dawn Harrison-Wallace, Michael Smith and Craig Topp) and Management Committee (Peter Foster, Kate Gledhill, Steve King and Lizzie Levett) at the AGM or earlier this year - your immense contribution and hard work is very much appreciated!

Sedos is run by enthusiastic volunteers and a huge thank you was given to everyone who keep the society running - from box office and front of house support, to backstage and workshop organisers.

If you weren’t able to attend the 2022 Sedos AGM, or want a reminder of the accounts and annual return, you can find those documents here.

12 members of the 2022/23 Sedos Trustees and Management Committee.standing in a line in front of a wall of bookcases. They are all smiling.
Members of the 2022/23 Sedos Trustees and Management Committee. [left to right:] Henry Whittaker, Adam Coppard, Stephen Beeny, Adrian Hau, Jack Brown, Tim Garrad, Paul Caira, Jessie Davidson, Daniel Saunders, Tess Robinson, Matt Gould, Mark Sidall

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