3 November 2021

When The Rain Stops Falling is looking for a voice and accent coach to come in to rehearsals for a session or two before the end of this year, to give some tips and advice to our cast as they develop their Australian accents.

If you are interested, please email rain@sedos.co.uk to discuss this further.

When The Rain Stops Falling is a beautiful and expansive drama about family, betrayal and forgiveness, spanning four generations and two hemispheres. All throughout eighty years of torrential rain.

The play moves from the claustrophobia of a London flat in 1959 to the windswept coast of southern Australia, and into the heart of the Australian desert in 2039. It interweaves a series of connected stories as seven people confront the mysteries of their past in order to understand their future, revealing how patterns of secrets, love and abandonment are passed on.

The award winning play received its European premiere at the Almeida Theatre, London, in May 2009.

When The Rain Stops Falling takes place at the Bridewell Theatre from 22-26 February 2022 and tickets are now on sale via the Sedos box office.

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