Friday 17 July 2020

Our Commitment to Change has prompted a number of our members to get in touch with other issues and thoughts, a number of them very personal, about their experiences of being involved with shows and things that they think could perhaps have been handled better - or issues that may have been overlooked at the time.

It has become clear from these insights as well as the discussions around our Commitment to Change that sometimes our members don't always feel able to provide feedback - perhaps because they are not sure how to or because they don't want to risk causing awkwardness with their friends.

Whilst we would always want shows to be a safe space so that members feel able to raise any concerns they have with the director or producer of the show, we are also looking at developing more formal feedback channels during each show to encourage feedback - and to enable issues to be raised at an early stage. We are also looking at how we can beef up the role of our Committee Liaisons who are always available to cast members to be an independent person if there is an issue that a member wants to raise, but feels uncomfortable raising it with the director for example.

If you have anything you want to share - then please do always feel free to reach out. As well as speaking to a member of the production team, your Committee Liaison, any member of the Trustees or the Management Committee, you can always contact us at

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