Sedos stands for the Stock Exchange Dramatic and Operatic Society. The society was founded in 1905 by senior members of the stock exchange and, although the membership now includes an eclectic mix from all over London, we maintain firm links with the City.

Sedos is a registered charity (no. 1173896) with 340 members and stages eight to ten shows a year. We have been the resident theatre company at the Bridewell Theatre since 2012 and most of our season takes place there, although we also perform in other venues.

Sedos is an amateur company, but we strive for professional standards in both performance and production values. You can read reviews of our shows here.

A Potted History

The senior members of the stock exchange who founded Sedos in 1905 were led by Charles Dickinson and Cyril Bathurst. Their principal aims were twofold:

  • To take advantage of the great variety of stage talent they saw scattered around the house, and:
  • To use what was no doubt an actual extension of the virtuoso talent employed by the members on the trading floor at the time to raise funds for charity.

With the exception of brief intermissions during the two World Wars, since then the society has presented musical and dramatic productions of all kinds and in so doing raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for a variety of charities. At its height the society mounted four large-scale productions each year at the Scala Theatre attended by members of the Royal family and employed a full-time general secretary.

Some of the better-known names who performed for the society in the early stage of their careers include Dame Anna Neagle (who danced in the chorus as Marjorie Robertson), Franklin Engelmann of post war BBC fame, Patricia Roc, Guy Middleton and Rosalie Crutchley.

More recently television luminaries such as Nicholas Parsons and Faye Barker have made guest appearances.

If you want to find out more about Sedos, please email for more details, and our membership secretary will be happy to get back to you!

Sedos' 2019 production of A Swell Party at the Minack Theatre