Simprov (Sedos-Improv…. see what we did there?) is a fortnightly drop-in session on Friday evenings that let's members and non-members explore their spontaneous side!

Perfect for the complete beginner as well as the hardened improv veteran, sessions will explore the fundamental principles of improv such as making bold choices, character development and finding your ‘game’.

Improv is a great way to build confidence and develop performance skills in a very fun and safe environment.


The spring season of Simprov sessions are listed below. You can sign up for a session at


20 April | Games vs Game
Chris Warner & Sam Pearce

Join Chris and Sam to explore the difference between Games, which are short, rules-based scenes (think: Who's line is it anyway?) and Game - the art of establishing a pattern of interactions, and then heightening them. Finding quickly in the moment, what is this scene really about? Game can be a bit of a mystery, but it's up to the players to ‘find it'. Will we? Come and find out!

Chris has done 10 shows with Sedos; mainly they are musicals where he tries to sing top As. Last year, Chris co-founded Simprov with Alex as a great way to explore an art form that was as equally scary as it was exciting and intriguing, and in that time he's learn't a lot about trusting his instincts and saying yes.

Sam’s time in Sedos has been filled with fun and silliness. His time in Simprov even more so. He got in at the ground floor, and now ‘offers’, ‘blocks’, and finds out ‘what this scene is really about’ on stage and in life.

You can sign up for the session at


4 May | Story Telling
Jonny Scott & Laura Capald

We all tell stories on a daily basis (Laura does it for a job!). Good stories don't need to be long and complicated. Hemingway wrote a heartbreaker in six words, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This session will go through the basics of what good stories involve, how to tell a good tale and most importantly, how to end it!

Laura has been involved with Sedos since 2006 after a lifelong love affair with performing. In her real life she works as a television producer where making things up on the spot is always received positively, hence an equal love affair with improv has arisen.

Jonny debuted for Sedos in 2017, slinking his way into the world-renowned improv troupe, Simprov. With a chronic phobia for learning lines, improv has always been a natural home for Jonny, who spends the rest of his time as a strategy consultant, whatever that means.

You can sign up for the session at


The Simprov Company

As well as the improv sessions above, we also have an auditioned group of improvisers who meet fortnightly. The Simprov Company are a band of 10 improvers who are experimenting with what it means to be a close-knit improv team; a group of people that find a style of improv that works for them, and learn how to play with each other as a group and as individuals.

The current company members are:

Laura Capaldi
Rachael Castell
Emma Leaver
Alex Magliaro
Sam Pearce
Jess Rogers
Jonny Scott
Lloyd Smith
James Alexander Stone
Chris Warner

The Simprov Company will re-audition in the Summer. So stay tuned if you want to join in!


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