6 May 2021

The time has finally come to say goodbye to 1 Brewers’ Hall Garden (BHG) as we look to move out ahead of 1 October. Plans are well underway for our move – and we’ll have more exciting news to share on these over the next few months. 

The production group will be looking for volunteers in the summer when restrictions are lifted to help with the mammoth task (don’t worry – we won’t ask you to carry endless boxes up and down the stairs; we’re getting some movers in to help!) of sorting through many years’ worth of costumes, props, sets and other gear as we get everything ready for the move and complete one Herculean declutter while also getting our spaces ready to welcome you all back.

If you think you have something in BHG that you want to rescue before the declutter begins, please drop an email to adam@sedos.co.uk. As restrictions lift, we’ll set up some time for you to be reunited with your items before we start sorting out what's coming with us and what’s ready to move on.

Soho Cinders rehearsing in BHG in 2019

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