Summer Festival
a three-week season of drama, music and dance, 1-19 July

An exciting three-week summer season featuring the return of the Eurosedos Song Contest, an Australian comedy about a reneged bunch of ageing brownies, a satirical Russian comedy about political corruption, and an afternoon and evening of song and dance.

All shows are performed at our resident home, the Bridewell Theatre.

The Eurosedos Song Contest - Strictly NOT Winners
created by Deryck High & Pedro Hume-Rodriguez
1-5 July

Do you love the Eurovision Song Contest, including everything from the glamorous presenters and colourful acts to the different languages and the results of the voting? 

Then join us for The Eurosedos Song Contest 2014 - Strictly NOT Winners. Seven Eurovision songs which did NOT win, but maybe should have!

Seven decades of Eurovision - classic performances for Euro fans and cheesy numbers for the non-Euro folk!

Voting countries are arranged in groups of five, so why not get a team together? One of your team will go before a camera and cast your country’s votes in true Eurovision style shown on a big screen. Who wins? You decide!

Visit the Eurosedos show page for more information or book tickets.

In Cahoots
by Melissa Reeves
8-12 July

Tonight is the annual Parents and Friends evening of the First Cardwell Street Brownies. But when the new District Commissioner arrives to inspect the all-singing, semaphoring, badge-collecting Brownie Troupe, she's not expecting spray cans, a hip flask full of whisky and a mushroom that incorporates a short wave radio.

Set in 1980s Australia the audience and Front of House volunteers are treated as parents and friends of the Brownies in this comedic, slightly absurd play where the subversive characters are not what they seem. As the play progresses the Brownies’ true ages are revealed, their covert peration is exposed and radical secrets unfold in bizarre fashion at a ‘pow-wow’ with a difference.

Visit the In Cahoots show page for more information or book tickets.




Government Inspector
by Nikolai Gogol in a version by David Harrower
London 15-18 July

Written in 1836, Gogol’s comic masterpiece was described by Vladimir Nabokov as “the greatest play in the Russian language”.

News that a government inspector is heading for a small Russian town sends its bureaucrats into a frenzy. A simple case of mistaken identity exposes the hypocrisy and corruption at the heart of the town in this biting moral satire.

This play will be performed in London and Edinburgh.

Visit the Government Inspector show page for more information or book tickets.




The Show Off
by Tom Leonard, Kimberly Barker, Paul Cozens, Chloë Faine
19 July

A riotous afternoon and evening of singing and dancing to bring the Summer Festival to a close. Two performances only.

Visit The Show Off show page for more information or book tickets.




Sedos Summer Festiva 2014
The Bridewell Theatre
Bride Lane Fleet Street
London, EC4Y 8EQ

The Eurosedos Song Contest - 1-5 July
In Cahoots - 8-12 July
Government Inspector - 15-18 July
The Show Off - 19 July

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