The Eurosedos Song Contest 2014 -

Strictly NOT Winners

created by Deryck High & Pedro Hume-Rodriguez, 1-5 July 2014

In 2005 Deryck High and Pedro Hume-Rodriguez created, wrote and directed a fantastic show based on the idea of The Eurovision Song Contest. It was a celebration of 100 years of Sedos and 50 years of Eurovision featuring 18 previous Eurovision winning songs.

Our determination was to present these songs as near to the original performances as possible – a huge undertaking, as costumes, hair, movement, dancing and languages had to be just right! The show was designed to be like a live TV show being broadcast all over the World, with glamorous hosts and a voice-over commentary by Sir Terry Wagon.

The big twist in our show was that 75 members of the audience were arranged as 15 different countries and their votes were cast to Katie Koyle and the giant scoreboard, in traditional Euro-fashion, to determine the winner!

The Eurosedos Song Contest 2005 – The Live Final was such a huge success, with cast and audiences alike, that, two years later, we wrote a follow-up – The Eurosedos Song Contest 2007 – The Battle, in which 6 winners from our 2005 show returned to battle it out with 12 more Eurovision winners.

After featuring 30 previous Eurovision winners, it seemed we had exhausted the idea. Until now...


Our 2014 even-more spectacular Eurosedos show will include 15 Eurovision songs which did NOT win, but maybe should have! Seven decades of Eurovision - classic performances for Euro fans and cheesy numbers for the non-Euro folk!

Voting countries are arranged in groups of 5, so why not get a team together? One of your team will go before a camera and cast your country’s votes in true Eurovision style shown on a big screen. Who wins? You decide!



John Bainton
Lucy Beresford
Emma Butler
Annalisa Checchi
Emma Clandon
Lucy Crosley
Ed Curry
Reuben Fawcett
Sebastiaan Douma
Victoria Flint
James Franey
Tracey Johnson
Thomas Leonard
Helen Lowe
Olivia Macdonald
Helen Morris
Ruth Owen
Zain O'Sullivan
Judith Perkins
Sophie Platts-Martin
Abbie-Jo Richards
Lewis Simington
Vaughan Watts

Show director: Deryck High
Performance director: Pedro Hume-Rodriguez
Producer: Annalisa Checchi
Assistant producer: Charles Redfearn
Choreographers: Thomas Leonard, Charles Redfearn, Vaughan Watts

The Eurosedos Song Contest 2014 - Strictly NOT Winners
The Bridewell Theatre
Bride Lane Fleet Street
London, EC4Y 8EQ

1-5 July 2014 at 7.30pm with a Saturday matinée at 3pm

Voting tickets: £18 (concessions £15.50)
Non-voting tickets: £16 (concessions £13.50). Cash only on the door.

Voting Seats
There are a limited number of voting seats available for The Eurosedos Song Contest 2014 - Strictly NOT Winners which allows you to vote for who wins each night! Voting Seats are arranged in tables, or rows, of 5 seats representing a voting country - one vote per country. Why not get your own group of 5 people together to represent a Voting country!

Charity night, Tuesday 1 July, 7.30pm
50% of all ticket sales go to the Cardboard Citizens, the Sedos Charity of the Year 2014.

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Concessions: Sedos members, children, students with valid identification, registered disabled and registered unemployed unless otherwise stated, for example Gala Nights.

Ticket Collection
Tickets will be available for you to collect from the Box Officeon the night of the performance. They will not be posted out to you. Seats at the Bridewell Theatre are unreserved.

Latecomers will only be admitted at the discretion of Sedos. Any audience members arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted until the interval.

Book Now (no booking fee)

Sedos Summer Festival

The Eurosedos Song Contest 2014 - Strictly NOT Winners is being performed as part of the 2014 Sedos Summer Festival (1-19 July), an exciting three-week summer season featuring the return of the Eurosedos Song Contest, an Australian comedy about a reneged bunch of ageing brownies, a satirical Russian comedy about political corruption, and an afternoon and evening of song and dance.

All shows are performed at our resident home, the Bridewell Theatre. For more information on the Sedos Summer Festival, click here.

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